Tools: an Introduction

Ah, tools!

A tool is a thing which can do what your hands can’t: spin at 8000 rpm, slam bits of metal with great force, reach down a wee hole to pluck a delicate part out. There are even tools (my favourite) for making more tools!

And we love them. They can be clean or dirty, ugly or beautiful, disposable or heirloom.

We will be sharing our tools with you now and again. Sometimes it will be a big tool, like a workspace. Sometimes it will be a small tool, like a wire probe. Sometimes it will be a tool you don’t think of as a tool at all (hmm…already posted one: graphite lubricant.)

It should be mentioned that, what with three teenagers to feed, our tool budget is small. Thus, most of the tools highlighted here will be inexpensive, or can be made yourself. Often a specialty tool in one industry (such as section pliers for pen repair) are common in another (section pliers = spark plug boot pliers.) And common tools are cheap tools. So we will always mention sources, if possible.

Hopefully, some of you will be moved to expand your tool bag. Even more hopefully, you will be moved to use them in ways you never before thought possible.


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