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Parker Vacumatic “Juniorette” Set - 18K Nib Detail

All About Nib Smoothing

All about nib smoothing: frequently asked questions.

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Free Victorian Pen Catalogue Online

Information is gold; sometimes more than figuratively. We came across a lovely Victorian pen catalogue in our favourite collection, Titled, in fine Victorian fashion, History of the invention and illustrated process of making Foley’s diamond pointed gold pens with complete illustrated catalogue[…] The first half of the book is an excellent catalogue of Foley’s […]

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Parker Pens 1929 Catalog

Public Domain Pen Documents Now Online

For a look at a loud conversation about the legal and ethical issues pertaining to these documents, go to: It is always nice when someone decides to share. And when the thing shared is pen information, it is beyond nice: it’s a public service. We were browsing through our favourite host of online information, […]

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Basics: Categories of Vintage Mechanical Pencils

The world of mechanical pencils isn’t what it once was. If you visit a stationery or office supply store today, you will generally find two sorts of mechanical pencils: click, and clutch. A click pencil is the one with skinny little leads, which are advanced with a “click”, by pushing the end button. Clutch pencils […]

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On Lime Juice

Oxidation is often our enemy. When oxygen contacts metals, it reacts with the surface atoms to form what is known scientifically as an oxide, but more commonly as rust, or tarnish. While in the case of some metals—such as copper—oxidation can result in a beautiful green colour, in the case of silver or iron it […]

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Re-purposing a Box—Part 6, Pen Storage & Conclusion

With our century-old box cleaned, finished, and re-lined, the only remaining job is to make a custom-fitted pen storage space, using the existing tray. Pens are designed to be used, but can also be inherently fragile, so this is an important detail if this box is to be truly functional. 1. Materials We need a […]

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