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Things We Find in Fountain Pens: Erasers

For today’s edition of Things We Find In Fountain Pens, we have something particularly creative. The patient was a lovely Esterbrook “J”, in vibrant blue. The customer requested that, in addition to a new sac, we pay attention to the lever, as something seemed a bit odd to them. Good instincts! The sac removal was […]

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Things We Find In Fountain Pens: Boutique Ink Damage

We regularly find unusual things in fountain pens. Sometimes they don’t belong. Sometimes they do. Sometimes we understand why they are there. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes they make us shudder. Sometimes they still make us shudder long after the pen has gone home. Behold, what we found in an innocent Esterbrook “J” pen. As you […]

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Hundreds of Free Vintage Pen Catalogues Now Online

Our hat is off to Dr. David Isaacson. Well known for his web site, and for his unabashed presence on fountain pen forums, David has quite generously released a huge archive of pen documents for download. These documents—mostly in pdf format— include: catalogues, service manuals, promotional magazines, advertising material, and much, much more. We […]

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Swan 4500 Eyedropper Pen Breakdown

The early design history of the fountain pen is full of outstanding examples of innovation. Sometimes one glance is enough to tell you that you have found one of these gems. The Swan 4500 is unquestionably one. In the early days of fountain pens, it was assumed that—with the exception of a few special-purpose users—most […]

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Know Any Edwardian Cuss Words?

When you begin repairing other people’s pens, you start to see all sorts of damage; things you wouldn’t normally even imagine. Of course, then you do begin to imagine: what stories go along with what you see before you? This week we had one such cross our bench. And a picture is worth a thousand […]

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Parker Pens 1929 Catalog

Public Domain Pen Documents Now Online

For a look at a loud conversation about the legal and ethical issues pertaining to these documents, go to: It is always nice when someone decides to share. And when the thing shared is pen information, it is beyond nice: it’s a public service. We were browsing through our favourite host of online information, […]

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