The Great Inkwell Experiment Part Six—Fourth-Week Results

Inkwell Experiment Results Graph-Final

    1. glass well with a simple gravity-closing hinged lid;
    2. glass well with a silver snap-close hinged lid;
    3. metal well with glass insert and a hinged outer cover (thus with space between the insert and the cover);
    4. wooden well with glass insert and an unhinged cloth-lined wooden lid;
    5. glass writing-box bottle, with threaded brass lid;
    6. pottery ink bottle, with a new, replacement, cork;
    7. (control) plastic graduated cylinder, open;
    8. (control) modern glass ink bottle with plastic lid and synthetic lid liner (J. Herbin).

The final results are in! (And great thanks goes to Sleepy at FPN for his work on tweaking the chart so that it is more readable.) Full data to date can be seen here.

We are working on a full version of the experiment results, complete with data, chart, observations, conclusions, discussion, and more. We hope to be done in the next few days, so hurry back…

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