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Talc and Asbestos

For over a century talc has been used as a standard dry lubricant for rubber fountain pen sacs. The slippery mineral dust helps to protect the sac from friction damage when it is depressed by a pressure bar. This lubrication is also essential for Parker Vacumatics and other pens where a sac is folded in […]

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What’s Wrong With My Parker Pencil?

When it comes to congenital defects, time always tells. This past week we have had four Parker pencils on the bench, and each had the same problem. And that problem was the result of a design flaw that would only reveal itself over time. The Design From the time Sampson Mordan first patented the propelling […]

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Parker Vacumatic “Juniorette” Set - 18K Nib Detail

All About Nib Smoothing

All about nib smoothing: frequently asked questions.

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