Hundreds of Free Vintage Pen Catalogues Now Online

Our hat is off to Dr. David Isaacson. Well known for his web site, and for his unabashed presence on fountain pen forums, David has quite generously released a huge archive of pen documents for download.

These documents—mostly in pdf format— include: catalogues, service manuals, promotional magazines, advertising material, and much, much more. We have not yet reviewed them for quality, but will be doing lots of reading over the weeks and months to come!

The files are hosted on his dropbox site, where they are organized by manufacturer. Because the archive is nearly a gigabyte in size, the files can be downloaded in smaller batches via the individual dropbox folders (use the button marked “download” in the top right corner of the page):

Undoubtedly there will be rumbles of discontent among those who were previously selling access to these, or similar, documents. But this repository is a grand gesture, and a valuable gift to our large community of pen aficionados. We, for one, applaud David and his generosity.

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