The Great Inkwell Experiment Part Two—The Subjects

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We are happy to announce that the experiment is up and running, starting on February 18, 2011. Details of the Inkwells are as follows:

  1. glass well with a simple gravity-closing hinged lid
    • Inkwell
    • Inkwell A Detail
  2. glass well with a silver snap-close hinged lid
    • Inkwell
    • Inkwell B Detail
  3. metal well with glass insert and a hinged outer cover (thus with space between the insert and the cover)
    • Inkwell
    • Inkwell C Detail
  4. wooden well with glass insert and an unhinged cloth-lined wooden lid
    • Inkwell
    • Inkwell D Detail
  5. glass writing-box bottle, with threaded brass lid
    • Inkwell
    • Inkwell E Detail
  6. pottery ink bottle, with a new, replacement, cork
    • Inkwell
  7. (control) plastic graduated cylinder, open (right)
    • Inkwell
  8. (control) modern glass ink bottle with plastic lid and synthetic lid liner (J. Herbin) (left)
    • Inkwell

We are recording data manually, and also with a spreadsheet. Weekly results will be posted here on our blog, so stay tuned…

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